Fishing Derby Results

LWA  2012 Fishing Derby Results  –  Wow!  Adam Japko is the overall winner with his 2 lb, 14 oz Large Mouth Bass.  Record numbers of new and repeat anglers weighed in for the annual LWA Fishing Derby.  Bass and white perch were the predominant fish of the day.  Participation ribbons were handed out and;  trophies will be given out at the LWA meeting on July 21.  Trophies are given to the largest type fish in each age group.  The results are listed below by age group:

5 & Under:   Caleb Ferguson won in two categories with his large mouth bass weighing in at 1 lb, 9 oz and his small mouth bass at l lb, 12 oz;  Shaun Greenwaldt – 3 oz. yellow perch, Bobby Leary – 3 oz sunfish and Liam Jones with a 1 lb, 5 oz white perch which is almost bigger than he is.

6-8:   Ben Ferguson – also won in two categories with a 2 lb, 8 oz large mouth bass and a 1 lb, 8 oz. pickeral; William Pechinsky  – 2 lb, 8 oz small mouth bass; Olivia Ouhrabka – 7 oz yellow perch and Jazmine Jenness -13 oz white perch.

9-11:  Greg Mitchals – 2 lb, 1 oz. large mouth bass; Sarah Bellefleur -1 lb, 7 oz small mouth bass; Julia Pepin – 6 oz yellow perch, Eric Brown – 9 oz sunfish,  and Mary Gettens – 2 oz white perch.

12-14 :   Brooke Mitchals -1 lb, 13 oz large mouth bass;  Mike Langlois – 8 oz. Sunfish; Andrew Valaskatgis – 1 lb, 8 oz small mouth bass, Monty Jones – 5 oz. yellow perch, and Natalie Leach – 1 lb, 4 oz white perch.

15-17:  Robert Mitchals – 2 lb, 3 oz large mouth bass; Jasper Jones -1 lb, 14 oz. small mouth bass, and Caroline Gettens – 5 oz small mouth bass.

18 & Over:  Overall winner and largest large mouth bass winner is Adam Jakpo with his 2 lb, 14 oz fish.  Others in category include Eli Mokas – 1 lb 8 oz small mouth bass; Peter Jones – 1 lb, 3 oz white perch; Kelly Smith – 10 oz pickeral;  Rebecca Telzak – 8 oz sunfish; Nyasha Gutsa –  yellow perch and Sam Oliver –  golden shiner

Congratulations to all who participated.  Special thanks to Donna Day for her assistance.  We enjoyed seeing all the participants out enjoying their lake, family and friends.  Results with be in the Granite State News within the next few weeks.  See you next July for more fishing fun.


Karen Ouhrabka

Karen Ouhrabka