Firewood and Emerald Ash Borers

It has happened, Emerald Ash Borers have been found in New Hampshire. They have been documented in Concord and they didn’t fly there. They were transported, most likely in transported firewood. The distance an emerald ash borer can fly is about half a mile so the spread of them is about half a mile a year UNLESS people move them. The area around Concord now has an embargo on firewood or hardwood being moved out. The problem was someone moved some borers in.

Moving firewood from out of state has been illegal since 2011. While you probably won’t get caught for bringing firewood to the lake, you may help destroy our ash trees. When the beetles arrive, they kill all the big ones, all of them. Gone. Please help prevent their death. If you know of someone who brings firewood to the lake, get them to burn it all immediately, build a bond-fire, cook marshmallows, do whatever it takes to get rid of the wood by burning it, quickly. Education is important in this regard. The more people who know about this risk, the less chance that these insects will arrive at our lake.