Fall Is Winding Down

As November winds down, things are looking like they are getting ready for Winter. The lake level has dropped to almost its Winter level so the beaches are much larger than in the summer. The loons all are in their Winter plumage and

the leaves have mostly fallen. There are a few oak and beech leaves still on the trees. I have been told that these trees are “late comers” to the northern climes and still haven’t completely figured out the losing your leaves thing. Losing leaves in the Fall prevents too much weight building up on them in the winter from snow and breaking branches. (Think of the Halloween snow last year. Places where the leaves had fallen had no downed power lines. Where the leaves hadn’t fallen, there was disaster.) There are still mallards and common mergansers but there are also Common Goldeneyes and Hooded Mergansers who fly in on their migration south. Most of them are very skittish but when the Goldeneyes fly, their wings whistle. You can hear them at quite a distance. The Canada geese are still around (but these guys really aren’t Canada geese, they stay in the US and don’t really migrate so we should call them USA geese) and their numbers keep increasing. You may see some turkeys along the shore in the banner picture. These really are just photoshopped into the picture. The toms aren’t displaying at this time of year, either. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Common Goldeneyes

Hooded Mergansers

Winter Loons