Eagles Nesting on Stamp Act Island – Update

There are two eagle chicks in the Bald Eagle nest on Stamp Act Island. They are getting bigger and may fly by the 4th. There is real danger if the chicks are scared and fly before they are ready, they may crash and break wings, etc. So please don’t go on the island and, as always, keep dogs off, too. Going inland also is counterproductive because tree branches won’t allow you to see them anyway. There has been a rule against going on the island and now it is more important than ever. You can help protect the eagles by educating people about staying off the island.

When the eagles start their flying, they aren’t very good at it and have trouble landing. They will probably take short flights and stay near their nest. They will be vocal because they want mom and dad to still feed them. You may see them as they yell and scream for food. Keep a respectful distance, please. At times, chicks will make a mistake and land in the water. They cannot take off from the water and will “breast-stroke” toward shore. Don’t try to help, they will be fine. (Adults sometimes do this is they try to pick up too heavy a fish and don’t want to drop it.)

When the Main Beach opens as it did last year on July 1st, the eagles should be OK with that. However, don’t go inland which you aren’t supposed to do anyway. Also, setting off fireworks near the island could also cause problems. It isn’t allowed anyway. When you see an eagle, enjoy their beauty. It may be that if they are successful in their nesting that they will continue nesting on the island for years. Let us make their home a pleasant one.