Eagles Didn’t Renew Their Lease, Got Better Digs – Update

It seems that Mr. and Mrs. B. Eagle did some structural analysis of their previous aerie and decided to move. They didn’t move far but their new aerie seems like an upgrade. –  Update: They also have at least one chick that is a couple of weeks old. Might be two….. We enjoy our eagles but they are part of a resurgence. There are 38 other nesting pairs in the state. Our first chicks were hatched four years ago and are almost old enough to start their own families.

In an interview with the Eagles, Mrs. Eagle indicated that when they were looking at their old digs of previous years, “the nest was askew and it seemed to be getting worse. We might have been able to fix it up but we looked for better options.”  She went on to discuss the analysis by Mr. Eagle about the questionable foundation and they both wondered if the nest would hold up for another season. Mr. Eagle also said that he “had become concerned for Mrs. Eagle and the nestlings last year because there was little shade in the hot weather at the old nest site. “When we built that nest five years ago, the tree had some very nice, green branches that were great shade but over the past few years, with the tree dying, there wasn’t much shade left, just the skeleton on the old tree.”

Mr. and Mrs. Eagle then talked about how they went about looking at other real estate to lease for the season.They talked about how they liked the area and wanted to be near the bay on the east side of Stamp Act. After talking with various real estate brokers, they decided to lease a very fine pine tree, again on Stamp Act. Given the picture, below, the eagle seems very proud of their new nest. It has nice a view at this time of year although later in the season, leaves may obstruct some of that view. At the same time, this aerie seems to be much more structurally sound than the previous one. “It is so nice to not have to worry about our nest falling down because a dead branch breaks. We love this lake and wanted to stay so it is wonderful to have this new home.”, said Mrs. Eagle. Mr. Eagle concurred.

In other news, loons seem to be here, rough winged swallows are flying, mergansers are doing their merganser thing and while the next few days are supposed to have a cold rain, things will warm up.