Draw Down – You Can See It Is Happening!

The 5 year draw down is happening and is not yet complete but will be there soon. Every fifth year, the lake is drawn down 3 1/2 feet for people to do shoreline work and dock repair. Yup, it is happening.


As of the 9th of October, there are a few more inches that need to be taken out of the lake but the process is a slow one. It is very much related to how fast the water flows from Lake Wentworth to Crescent Lake through the Smith River. You let water out of the dam and Crescent Lake lowers, then the water from Lake Wentworth “flows downhill” to Crescent Lake and then out the dam. It takes awhile and is not a “perfect” science. That is true because when water is flowing rapidly down the Smith River between the lakes, the gauge at Whitten Neck Bridge and the gauge at the dam are not well calibrated because there is a flow downhill.


Out on the lake, things obviously are happening. The water level is presently below the “normal” winter level and is still dropping. Docks are a long way out of water if they were left in and places like the sandbar at the SE end of Stamp Act (above) are showing a lot of sand. Unrelated, but important for those living on the lake, the Fall colors are doing well and the lake is its beautiful self. Less people are enjoying it because of the draw down and not being able to get their boats in or out of the water but it is still beautiful.IMG_5710