Draw Down – Never Saw That Rock! Revised

The lake is at its low level and there is evidence of people using the low water to do repairs of dock structures and shorelines. That is what the draw down is supposed to be used for. But you can also see those rocks that you might have missed……lwa5On the East side of Brummet Island, there is a nice beach. Now, there are lots of rocks showing.

lwa9Albee Beach looks a bit different. The Park and Rec people were taking the swimming buoys out and hardly could get their boat floating in the water…….

lwa8The beach at the State Park is a bit bigger, too.

lwa7One real benefit is that ducks have a lot more places to sit and preen. These are rocks off of Brummit Island.

lwa4This is the sandbar on the SE end of Stamp Act. Not much swimming going on now.

lwa3These are the rocks in the “Great East Bay” of Stamp Act. There are quite a few rocks that are saying “Hi, we are here to say hello.”

lwa2Governor’s Rock, looking toward Mt. Shaw. Looks like a rocky mountain coming out of the water……

lwa1On the west end of Stamp Act, there is a buoy. It marks the end of a large point of rocks normally under the surface. At the far end, there is a person sitting on the rock and they could get there without getting their feet wet. The buoy is another 40 yards the west.

lwa6Warren Sands has Warren Brook cutting a “canyon” down through the sand in order to get to the lake.


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    Pictures tell the story in a hurry, don’t they?

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