“Do”s and “Don’t”s

There are things we need to do to protect our lake and have a safe season on the lake and there are also things that we shouldn’t do to protect our lake and have a safe time at the lake. 1)  Do cross your fingers for a nice, sunny warm summer. Don’t ask for floods like Sandy or Irene.

2) Don’t bring firewood from out of state. We don’t need the bugs that may be living in it. Emerald Ash Borers arrived in Concord, NH. We don’t need them here. Do burn local wood. It helps the local economy, too.

3) Don’t feed the ducks and geese. They will poop on your shore and may cause swimmer’s itch as a result.Do enjoy our birds, including the eagles from a distance. If a loon is “dancing” near your boat it is trying to get you to leave. Please don’t stress them more and leave.

4) Don’t drive water skiers if you are not looking forward in the boat. The observer makes sure the skier is OK and you have to make sure that all boats and people in front of your boat are OK. Do have one observer (not the driver) for each person being towed.

5) Do remember that our lake is a regulated lake and only jet-skis placarded for three or more people are allowed.

6) Do pay attention to boating laws. They are in place to save lives.Also, tell your friends, neighbors, anyone you can about the dangers of bringing invasive species into the lake. Zebra Mussles, and Asian Clams can go from lake to lake. Clean your bilges and make sure there aren’t plants stuck on your motor or boat trailer or boat. These invasives will hurt our lake.

7) Do pay attention to lightning danger. People are rarely struck but don’t let it be you.

8) Don’t try to use your cross country skis as water skis, they are not wide enough.

9) Do take time to enjoy sunsets and you might even consider trying to catch a sunrise or two.

10) Do think about what you are putting into the lake whether it is litter, phosphate from fertilizer or a leaky septic system.


  1. heading4thelake

    Having an eye for jet ski’s I would say for the most part, they are all 3 seaters . Every once and awhile you see a older model which is not common at all ! By the way Peter nice job with the do’s and don’ts !

  2. CyberSteve

    I didn’t realize that we had a jet ski regulation. Do you suppose that the machines that we see zipping around the lake are all built for 3 or more riders ? They sure don’t look that big.

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