December – Pretty Mellow Start

It is still fall by the calendar so you should not expect snow. However, there have been days when there has been ice on the swamps but also days over 50 degrees. Many places look very different from the summer time but, that is to be expected. Winter will officially start at the end of the month but, now, it doesn’t seem to be in evidence. The weekend of the 5th, many people wished that they hadn’t taken their boats out of the water. It was above 50, sunny and the lake was like a mirror…….

The eagles are still keeping track of the goings on at the lake. Fishing is pretty good with little competition. There was one fishing boat last weekend but other than that, they have the lake to themselves. Yes, it is getting colder but they have to be outside regardless of whether they are at the Lake or somewhere else. Might as well stay where the view is wonderful.


One interesting thing is that even though the temperatures go well above freezing some day, there are places where it stays cold. In the swamp along Townsend Shore, the Mallards were happy that the film of ice melted in the sun but the north side of the rock behind them is covered with frost even in the late afternoon on a day when the temperatures were in the upper 40’s. The days are short and if the sun doesn’t hit, it stays cold in little pockets. In the swamp, the winds weren’t blowing so the cold air stayed. With the water temperature low, it doesn’t warm to air very much. The frost is caused by what is called “steam fog”. It is water that evaporates off the water but will then freeze when it hits a cold surface such as the rock. The side that was in the sun had the frost melt but the north side never did. Likewise, there was frost on the shore to the right of the rock.IMG_6410

With less time on the lake, people spend more time looking at the lake. The view from the Lake View Inn gives a different view of Mink and the Jockey Caps. The Belknaps are behind.


Another view of the lake shows Cate and Brummet Islands, again with the Belknaps behind. IMG_6342

In December, many of the places that are active in the warmer months are pretty much empty. Triggs Island landing is basically packed in for the season so that ice doesn’t take their docks away. Likewise, Mast Landing is without much action.IMG_6364IMG_6366