Damage from a Windstorm or Storms

In the past few months, there have been some strong winds on the lake. As a result, there has been major damage to the old eagle nest. It is definitely, now, a much smaller pile of sticks. The new nest seems to be in good repair so the eagles will not have to rebuild completely next year.

The old nest tree was used for four years. The tree, itself, had been struck by lightning and is now dead. The bark on one side of the tree had been blown off and rot set in. Two years ago, there were a few green needles on the tree but now there is nothing green at all. The pair of pictures below show the changes in the next and the branches that around the old nest.


As you can see, lots of the branches have broken off and few of the small branches remain. The nest was probably 3 feet from top rim to the bottom two years ago (when the left picture was taken) and now it is less than a foot from the top of the pile of sticks to the bottom. Most likely when the wind was able to move one stick, that weakened another stick so the wind could blow that one away. Once the process started, it probably went pretty quickly. However, it is also possible that a few gusts did all the work as a front came through.

Below is another picture with the approximate positions of the old branches drawn in green and top of the old nest in red.