Cold and a Bit of Wind Have Changed Things

The lake was very icy and skiing was not really an option, only devices with spikes on them made travel easy. Then, an inch of snow fell and skiing was delightful but then the wind moved the snow around so skiing is good only in secluded spots. The ice is not great because some of it is just crusty snow.

On the day with the inch of snow to ski on, a fox ran across the lake from Stamp Act around Brummitt to Townsend Shore. The pictures aren’t great because the fox seemed to want to avoid humans but it easily loped along across the lake so even with a 1200 mm lens, the pictures are blurry.


Before the snow, there were icy enough conditions to just enjoy walking on the lake with metal spike footwear (stablicers worked well). There was one feature that stood out that day and that was a crack that went from near the large east beach of Stamp Act to somewhere near Brummitt Island. It must have been the dominant crack as it was about 3 inches wide and had filled in with newly frozen ice on a couple of occasions as seen by the striping. There was no danger of falling in as the crack was well sealed with thick ice.

The crack was not straight and also there were some places where there were little islands formed as the ice didn’t break cleanly.

The different consistencies of the ice surface can be seen in the two photographs. The rain from the previous thaw “froze in place” some of the snow drifts although the “drifts” are a maximum of about 2 inches high.

With the new snow, animal tracks were then prominent and the fox could run more easily. On some of the rocks near the sand bar on Stamp Act, there was a lot of action, most likely a place to relax and enjoy a meal. The tracks had melted a bit so it was not easy to identify the critter but it was probably a coyote or an otter. Coyote most likely because it came from the woods and went back to the woods of the island.

Even with the cold, the open water off the sand bar would cause problems if you drove a snow mobile in the area although ice fishermen were only a hundred yards away. They had caught two rainbows.

Near Cate Island, the wind has scoured the snow down to ice in some places and left small sculpted drifts around the rocks in others.


Lastly, on a return to Warren Brook with the hope of finding some nice skiing on the 1 inch of snow, the wind had been blowing. The first couple of hundred yards from the beach were fine but then the icy patches started to show up. Evidence of the wind was shown by the snow drifts and small cornices where Warren Brook enters the lake. In the previous article, these did not exist and there was open water. Not so on this trip as it was quite well frozen. Things keep changing. It is a great place to see the winter.