Christmas 2015 VS 2014

It is often said that if you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute. It seems like it is taking more than a minute to change from Fall to Winter, though. The weather for the next week will seem more like winter however although it may not produce snow. The forecast is to have frozen stuff come out of the sky but some of it will be sleet or else it will freeze when it hits the ground.

Today, Christmas Day, was delightful on the lake. It was sunny, calm and in the 50’s. It was absolutely wonderful to be out on the lake. Yes, there were others there but except for two other kayaks, all the rest were of the feathered variety. There were lots of Goldeneyes and Common Mergansers with a few Mallards thrown  in. I did see an adult Bald Eagle which is still a treat. If you look at the beach last year as compared to this year, it is in stark contrast.IMG_6619 IMG_6846

The gray to the left of the snow line is ice, actually the photo was taken on the 24th but the pictures below were taken on the 25th in 2014.


Looking out on the lake, it was also different, instead of the snow and ice on the 24th of last yearIMG_6841

It was a bit different with very pleasant kayaking and the island camps looking much as they do in the early Spring.IMG_6683IMG_6649

It is always interesting to see the changes that the Lake has to offer. While it is horrible for those who depend on snow and ice for the Christmas week, if you are more flexible, you can enjoy these warm days. December has had at least half a dozen days where it has been wonderful to be out on the lake with sun, little wind and mostly just ducks keeping you company. Hopefully, for the snow and ice lovers, the lake will freeze so the ice fishermen can get out and there will be snow for the snowmobiles and skiers. Right not, it just doesn’t feel like Winter………