Changing Colors 2016

Wonderful to have a new webcam! (See the next article.) However, the color is getting better, probably not peak but quite nice. Below are some pictures of some of the trees that are changing. It seems that there is “variety” in that there are some trees that are still green and a few have lost their leaves.



One of the things that is interesting to watch the Black Gum trees that are near the sandbar of Stamp Act. The first picture was taken two weeks ago, the second, two days later. The last was taken on 10/12.

black-gum-1 black-gum-2black-gum-3

The next picture is a different Black Gum that is now in its glory is below. This one is on the east end of Brummitt Island. Happens to be Barbara Sanford’s favorite tree in the Fall. You can see why. It has splendid color.lake-4