Boats Then and Now and the Boat Museum

Over the years, the boats on our lake have changed over the years. The NH Boat Museum has an exhibit that will run all Summer about “A Pilgrimage to Simplicity: Lake Wentworth’s Traditions and History”. There will be historic boats that have plied Lake Wentworth’s waters as well as lots of history to learn. It is a “must see” display.

Over the years, things have changed so that the simple wooden canoe is now mostly just sits in a boathouse or garage because they have been superseded by aluminum ones, fiberglass and kevlar or carbon fiber. The original ones were beautiful boats and many have been restored to that condition. A picture from the Boat Museum website shows a nice old one on our lake with “unknown” people with the paddles.Wood-Canoe

As motor boats came to the lake, they initially were small with cranky motors but they got people around. Eventually, they became sleeker and more powerful with Chris Crafts being very common. These are beautiful boats although, because they are wood, require a lot of upkeep.chris craft

There are a of them on our lake and when you get a chance, get an up close look. They have beautiful workmanship and are well designed. Because of the amount of upkeep, fiberglass boats now are the predominant kind of motor boat although aluminum ones are around. However, aluminum is harder to make into a big boat so most of the bigger boats are fiberglass. Over the years, pontoon boats have become a part of our lake as well as the jet-ski. Initially, the lake had some one person jet skis that were small and could jump their own wake. They were also noisy. New regulations took effect and made one and two person jet skis illegal on Lake Wentworth so three person ones showed up. Over the years, they have tended to get quieter although they also have gotten faster which may not be good for wildlife that gets in their way.

Sailboats showed up on the lake and originally were wooden but, as with the motor boats, most are now fiberglass. Catamarans arrived with Hobie started making them and their speed sets them apart for the single hull boats unless you talk about wind surfers that skim the water at great speeds in a good wind. The last boat to arrive on the lake is the paddle board. They give a view of the lake similar to a wind surfer because you are standing up so you can see down into the water. These boats seem to give almost a “Zen-like” experience as they ply the waters.paddle board debbie

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