Birds Still Seem to Be Happy

Pretty calm on the lake but there are still birds using the lake even if there aren’t too many people out on it. Some travel in flocks, some in pairs and some go it alone. It isn’t often that you can get out on the lake with the cold water if you are in a small boat and many people have “winterized” their motor boats so they aren’t out on the lake either. These birds don’t have to worry about such things and may stay around until the lake freezes up.

In the lone bird department, a bald eagle was finishing up a meal on the rocks near Brummitt Island. This bothered a nearby loon which is in its winter plumage and looks rather drab.

IMG_6439        IMG_6428

Mallards are now enjoying the swamps because with the warm weather, they aren’t frozen. Also, because the water level is down to the winter level, these dabbling ducks can dabble in places where then normally can’t reach the bottom. It must be like a free lunch or something…..


And then there are the Goldeneyes. These ducks are quite skittish and take off when you are still a long way away. When they fly, their wings whistle so you can identify them by the sound of their wings as well as their looks. They also seem to fish communally. By this, they form a line and then all dive together and return to the surface together and then repeat. Some come up a bit earlier than others perhaps because they caught a fish and come to the surface to swallow it. Flocks of a dozen or more are now seen either fishing or flying from place to place.