Birds Some Headed South, Some Just Hanging Out

As the seasons change, birds do their thing. Two weeks ago, Hermit Thrushes were everywhere in their migration south. Now they are gone. But birds on the lake are also in evidence. Many that we don’t normally see in the Summer. In the swamps, you may see Hooded Mergansers. These are much smaller than the Common Merganser but the male’s have bright feathers. In the Summer, we see only the female Common Mergansers, the reddish headed gray bodied diving duck often seen with lots of ducklings. Below is a picture of a pair of Hooded Mergansers.


In one bay, a Common Merganser was on a rock and seemed interested in the bunch of Common Goldeneyes swimming around. Goldeneyes are very good looking ducks and, would you believe that the golden eye is quite visible.IMG_5471


When they fly, they are quite a sight with distinctive wing patterns and the males have wings that make a distinctive high pitched whistle.IMG_5553

But there are some birds that just stick around, been here all summer but now it is the life of Reilly in that the “kid” is not off on its own so they can just hang out. Don’t know if the greeting is completely cordial but it may be just the way a pair of eagles says “nice to see you back”.IMG_5607

The weather is changing but it seems that November is starting very warm and nice. Temperatures have been well above average and the lake has been calm. “In the sixties” in November is a gift. Nice to have it warm although the water temperature is not conducive to swimming…..