Birds around the Lake

At this time of year, there are “lake” birds. Of course there are loons but there are others, too. The eagles are doing well but ducks and sandpipers are here, too.

Here is a picture of the eagle nest with an eagle in a “less than regal” pose. However, there are two chick heads showing over the edge of the nest. It looks like the eagles have two chicks this year. Their first year, they had two, last year only one but now things seem to be going well for two of them.




Of course, there are the Common Mergansers on the lake. The ones in this picture are what the females look like and also the grown babies. The males don’t take on their adult plumage until later.




mergansers 2


This is a picture of a male.  They are here on the lake now although after they mate, they head back to the ocean leaving the females to hatch the eggs and keep track of the chicks (which can be a dozen or more). Basically, male common mergansers are deadbeat dads who leave the poor mom to deal with the kids…….

merganser, common 3


Below is a picture of Mallards, male and female, that are a fixture on our lakes. This picture was taken in the Heath and shows two Pintail ducks behind the mallards. They may nest on our lake or our swamps but they may also just be traveling through. They are a “smart” looking duck and seem more “formal” than the mallards. This may only because we see the mallards so often so the pintails are more interesting.



Below is the spotted sandpiper that is often seen on our lake. One bird book calls this a “teeter-ass” sandpiper because it lands and then bobs up and down constantly. It also doesn’t seem to like to get its feet wet so it always lands on shore and hunts for bugs, worms and other tidbits. If you look for these birds, you will find them. These sandpipers fly on very “rigid” wings often seeming not to flap but they fly fast and don’t like people too close to them.