Birds Are Traveling……

As we have the seasons change, some birds are passing through on their way south. One bird that I have never seen on the lake, a Black Tern, showed up off our dock. You might see others passing through…..The Black Tern is a very small tern, smaller than our Ring Billed Gulls who are around most of the summer.

Term. black

The tern in the picture is not in breeding plumage so it doesn’t look “black”, just sort of mottled. Sort of cute, though. Another bird that tends not be be around in the summer, at least recently, is an osprey. They tend to stay away from areas where there are nesting eagles because the eagles will steal their fish from them. Not nice of the eagles but often the bigger birds take advantage of the smaller ones.


Osprey have smaller heads than Bald Eagles and white under their wings.

Other birds will be migrating through and if you are around the lake have a bird book and binoculars and you might see some interesting birds.