Birds Are Taking Over Lake Wentworth

It has happened again. They are coming back! Yes, the eagles seem to be back, loons are calling, ducks are flapping and sea gulls are flying overhead. Along the shore, sandpipers are picking up bugs and the redwings are returning to the swamps. Technology is wonderful these days and you can take pictures of birds from a long distance without disturbing them. You can take a lot of them and not “waste film” so only 10% of them may not be blurry but it doesn’t cost much to take those other 90%. Below are pictures of Common Mergansers (male has a white body and dark head while the female has a rufus head and gray body). These guys showed up when there were just small melted places in the ice. The males will leave after the breeding season is over and head back to the ocean leaving the females to worry about the kids. (Talk about being unhelpful dads…..) The eagle seemed unconcerned with my presence in my boat (probably saying that I’ve seen them before and it is nice to have them back on the lake, after all humans preserved Stamp Act Island for us to nest on). And the loons also seem happy to be back and “know” that we appreciate seeing them back. Sometimes, you sit still in your stationary boat and they seem to come closer to check you out. As it is approaching breeding season, their plumage is as clear and crisp as it possibly can be. Photos below….lwa 1 lwa 2 lwa 3 lwa 4


  1. radar4401

    A big thank you to Peter for posting these pictures! Alas, I only have a small sailboat and can’t take photos of the lake. I have seen the eagles for several years and had one fly within 20′ right in front of me about 5′ over the water. What excitement! I did see the 4 eagles last year and hope for a successful breeding season this year.

  2. snowflake

    I can’t find my last comment. Here goes again. The pictures of the loons and eagle are beautiful. I saw my first eagle close up at Wentworth 2 summers ago. It flew right over my head while walking along the tracks. I also enjoyed watching 2 adult loons and a chick every day I was there. Enjoy spring as it unfolds in nature!

  3. snowflake

    Wow, what beautiful pictures. 2 Years ago when at Wentworth I saw a beautiful eagle (my first) fly low over my head. That summer I saw 2 loons and one chick ever day I was there. It was thrilling! Around my house in the Boston area we have a pair of owls that make a nest in one of our pine trees every couple of years. They were around in the winter but the hawks who I think, built the nest got there first. They are regulars. Enjoy all of creation!

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