Birds Are Returning

As the lake is now free of ice, birds are starting to return. It is an early ice out so some birds may not be really thinking about returning yet, the lake is supposed to be frozen…….. Loons may still not have their complete flight plumage so they sometimes are delayed when the ice goes out early. However, some birds are here on the lake although it may take a week or so before their numbers increase. Common Mergansers are early returnees as they have been on the melted rivers nearby so when the lakes melt, they are close by. These are good looking birds and the male is of completely different coloration than the female. They also mate and then when the hens start nesting, they leave for the coast, leaving the mothers to care for the ducklings.


Another good looking duck is the wood duck. You may have to look in the swamps and inlets to find them as they tend not to like to be on the lake. The hens look similar to the female mallard but the drake has wonderful colors.


The weather has been variable but there are clouds around a bit. At the same time, it is nice to see the seasons change…….