Birds and Photography

We love our birds around the lake and we also love to photograph them. As we take the pictures, we need to be careful not to disturb them. If they come to you in a peaceful way, then it is OK. If they come your way in an agitated state (a loon walking on the water is an example) then you are too close. If they fly away from a perch, don’t come that close next time. If you see people not following these rules, you might gently suggest that they are not being fair to the birds. Below are pictures of birds and the way the pictures were taken. There are loons, eagles and a warbler….


Both of these pictures were taken at a distance of about 50 yards when the bird surfaced near my boat. They are taken with a 600 mm lens and then cropped so that the bird appears large in the picture. It may seem like I was right next to the bird but the bird was not worried and did a bit of preening before it stretched its wings. It then put the wings back in place, ruffled the feathers a bit more and did more preening. This was not a worried bird.


These two eagle pictures, one of the adults in the old nest tree with the chick(s) in the new nest tree. These two pictures were taken with a 1200 mm lens and then cropped to about 1/4 size or less. The picture of the adults was taken from about 500 yards away and the new nest picture from about 300 yards away.

Below is a picture of a Yellow Warbler, again taken with a 1200 mm lens and then the photo is cropped to show more bird and less background. Remember, photographs can lie, I really am not 3 feet from that Yellow Warbler!