Bird Update

We have or will have some new babies on the lake. The eagles have two chicks, there are at least two nesting pairs of loons and there are Mergansers and other ducks with their babies, too. The eagle chicks are in the same nest as last year and their parents are keeping them fed and protected. Hatched in April, they are now almost adult size although they will have juvenile plumage for a number of years. Presently, they are still nest-bound but will most likely take their first flights around the 4th of July. It is hoped that they don’t take that first flight at night because someone scares them with fireworks but hopefully that won’t be an issue. Their parents will continue to feed them for a number of weeks after their first flight but the young birds will be fishing on their own by the end of the Summer.IMG_4376

There are a number of loon pairs on the lake as of the first day of Summer and there are at least two nests. If you get too near the nest, the loon may leave and predators may eat the eggs or the eggs may get too hot in the sun. If a loon is behaving “strangely”, leave the area and let them have their peace. When the chicks hatch be careful with boating as the chicks can’t dive to escape your boat for a number of weeks. Be careful, give the birds their space and don’t get too close to them.IMG_4346

You may now start to see mother Mergansers with their young. Give them their space, too. Making them “hurry” wastes energy and may kill the ducklings. Enjoy all our birds at a respectable distance. If they look at all distressed, you are too close.