Arrested Development…………

Back in March, there was a week of warm weather. It was time for Spring skiing and enjoying the warm sun. Since then, that warm weather has been “arrested”.

A local apple grower was panicked because of the warm weather. The trees were starting to say it was getting close to summer and the leaves were starting to come out. The ice went out but it was a bit too early for loons to think about nesting and although they have been sighted, they tend to be quiet, it is not time for nesting and talking. Since the warm week in March, the weather has been typical late March and early April. It has been cool with temperatures around 30 each night and then there have been the winds. They have been blowing steadily from the northwest, west or just plain north, none of which are “warm” winds.Yard chores could be done earlier than most years but now things have changed again. The trees that started budding have stopped progressing because of the cold weather. The maples that were showing red buds three weeks ago look about the same now. All those things that were growing as if it were late spring have been “arrested” in their development. This is a good thing, there will be frosts that could damage them.

It has also been dry with little rain for the past month, about .4 inches and this is at time when there are normally rainstorms, showers or at least melting snow. The dam on Crescent Lake is closed but the lake is not rising, there is no run-off. It has been low humidity and there have been “red flag” warnings for fire danger because of winds, dry ground and low humidity. No fires here, so far, but there have been brush fires around the state.  Crazy weather and we need rain. .4 inches of rain in a month puts us in a “desert” environment.

Undoubtedly, things will change in the coming months and we can be sure of warming temperatures. Summer will come………….