And Now What Is Going On? – Updated with Bobcat Picture

Well, the Ice Out competition is running (see article below) but there is nothing that indicates that the ice will go out soon. Eagles seem to be nesting, it may get back to normal temperatures soon, and other news….

One of the animals that has been seen around the lake is a bobcat. Sightings have been at various places around the lake so it may not be the same bobcat. Other bobcats probably could tell who is who in the bobcat world but most people find it hard to tell who is who. Steve Arsenault got this picture of one at a bird feeder. If you can’t catch a bird, perhaps a few sunflower seeds will help….

bobcat 004

Perhaps, it is not news that the eagles are back but there seems to be a “guard” eagle on the nest tree on a regular basis.The brooding eagle probably wouldn’t be seen because the nest is quite deep but the constant presence of a perched eagle is a good sign.



The lake is well frozen and with the recent day above freezing, the surface is now relatively firm so XC skiing is great and snowshoeing is easy. Because there are drifts and different depths of snow, walking without snowshoes is harder work but still possible.The scene, below, is from the west side of sister looking NE.


The ice out contest is running so get in your guesses. An article about how to do that is below. Please send in a guess.

On another front, I had a conversation with the Kingswood Golf course superintendent who manages the course. He supervises the mowing and upkeep of the course. It is not an easy job but he feels that with the snow and the way the course “went to bed”, it will be fine in the spring. I talked with him about how the course might affect Crescent Lake and he was rather blunt. He said that nothing the golf course does affects Crescent Lake. They do not use phosphorous in their fertilizers because there is enough phosphorous in the ground, the dirt, so that adding phosphorous is not needed and would at to the cost of keeping the course in good shape. The state monitors what is happening on the course so he abides with all regulations. The superintendent said that the water coming onto the golf course land from places like the high school and middle school is less pure than the water that enters Crescent Lake. There is a small stream that goes from the 8th hole to the lake but the water that gets into the pond that feeds the lake is, most of the time, very well filtered by the turf. Crescent Lake school students have also been monitoring that pond for environmental issues for many years and never find any issues. In all other places, the distance between the golf holes and the lake is much more than 50 yards and this kind of buffer is ample to stop infiltration of nutrient to the lake but because there isn’t phosphorous used as fertilizer, it wouldn’t be a problem anyway. The pesticides that are used on the course are used in moderation and are designed to break down in a season. Because of the vegetative buffer between the course and Crescent Lake, these chemicals don’t enter the lake in measurable quantities. If we have to look for an enemy, Kingswood Golf Course is not where we should be looking.