An Eagle Has Landed and Conditions on the Lake

A few reports were coming in about eagles on the lake. On 2/16, an adult was seen on the nest used last year.Most likely not nesting but just checking out the real estate. They generally nest around the end of March so this is just staking out territory. Nice to see that they may re-nest in the same tree (as they often do). Some eagle pairs will nest for years with the same nest so this is not unusual. IMG_3861

Lake conditions are presently typical of the middle of the winter. Ice fishermen say that there is about 15 inches of ice and there have been trucks out plowing snow on Crescent Lake (probably not a great idea because there are weak spots). A picture of a weak spot/open water near a pressure ridge at the sandbar on Stamp Act Island is shown below. This typically is a place that doesn’t freeze solid so make sure that you know where this kind of place is before you just “go for a walk or ski or whatever”. There are similar open water spots near Sister Island but these are just the ones I saw. The big snow caused some problems because it weighed down the ice, which then sank and caused water to come up through the cracks making a slush layer that was quite thick. The rain at the beginning of last week and then the warm sun and air made it so it is back to “normal” as the slush is mostly refrozen. The slush is on top of thick ice so there is no danger of falling through but if you ski into it, it will freeze on your skis or if you get caught in it with a snomobile, it is really a pain. There was a crust yesterday but it was OK to XC ski on. We have just gotten three inches of fluff but the winds are going to blow most of that snow somewhere else other than where it lands. Cold air has returned for a bit but spring will come.IMG_3868