A Week into the New Year – A Little Ice

The Christmas snow and rain event might have made it so that there was great skating. It was smooth ice although only about 2 inches thick, not enough for skating. Then we got 4 inches of heavy snow and 1/2 inch of ice on top.Before the snow, the lake that was open on Christmas day froze. There was a bit of a wind when it froze so the east shores had some great patterns in the frozen ice.


The “waves” are formed when small pieces of ice float toward a shore and then freeze together in little piles. This ice was actually a few inches thicker than the other ice because it started with ice cubes but it obviously was not for ice skating.



The shoreline also had larger piles of ice that formed mountain ranges. The indentations are typical of this formation.




In the above picture, you can see a crack in the ice which, when you look at it closely, shows that the ice right at the shore is about 5 inches thick as compared to the 2 inch thick ice further out.




The shapes of the wavy mountains of ice are quite spectacular. They are about 2 feet tall and the pattern was repeated all down the beach. Then, there was the snow and freezing rain. The crust was complete enough so that there were “puddles” of water on the crust. Ugh. As you look down the beach here, the crust is reflective, shiny. Hard to walk in because you “post holed” but even snow shoes were not a great way to go.


The icy glaze was pretty amazing and there were 4 foot long pine boughs sliding across the surface in the strong winds. One thing that struck me, however, was the pool of pine cones along the shore. Here, four little pools were up against a wall. The must have come from the other end of the lake, blowing more than a mile to come to rest on the shoreline. If you were on a hill breaking trail, the bits of crust you broke off slid downhill. Quite amazing and the pine cones would slide even easier.


Now, it is just going to be cold. As I write at 9 PM, the temperature has dropped below zero. Should have had some of this cold earlier and it might have prevented the freezing rain. Then we would have had lots of snow. Lots of people up here like that stuff!

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