From the President

April 2016

Dear Friends of Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake,

We are looking forward to a wonderful summer season and to seeing all of our members in Wolfeboro. Your dues and donations to the Lake Wentworth Association for 2016 can now be paid. The task of keeping our lakes pristine and eradicating and managing milfoil is a costly endeavor as is protecting the Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake watershed. Costs were about $11,050.00 last summer for milfoil alone.  

LWA Levels of support announced:

Please join the LWA beyond your basic membership fees to help offset expenditures for milfoil control and water quality testing as well as to support other important LWA activities.

                $100.00 & up – Gov. Wentworth Club            $50.00 & up – Stamp Act Union        $25.00 & up – Loon League

Let’s be clear!

Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake are fortunate to have two organizations, The Lake Wentworth Association and the Lake Wentworth Foundation. They each perform important work to protect and preserve Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake. They both need your support. We hope that you will not choose which one to support, but that you will support both organizations each year.

LWA and LWF Joint Committee:
A joint committee has been working through the winter. Their charge is to develop unbiased profiles for two possible future options: 

1) The LWA and LWF remain separate organizations and work in a more complimentary and cooperative manner, and 2) The two organizations merge into one. The profiles will be presented to both the LWA and LWF Boards in June. They will provide the Boards with a simple and clear overview of the two options so that each Board Member can make his or her own decision. You will be kept informed as the summer progresses.

Major LWA Goals for 2016:

                Continue milfoil management efforts

                Maintain water quality assessments and clean water activities

Restructure existing LWA Committees to better meet our needs.

                Institutionalize the Communications Committee

                Create and establish an Awards Committee

                Create and establish a Program Committee

                Energize the Weed Watcher Committee

                Ensure that each shore has effective shore representation

                Utilize email, our web site, and Facebook to increase member participation and assess member needs

Celebrating 50 years of the LWA Logo:

To celebrate this milestone, each member household will receive a gift of a refrigerator magnet with the logo. These will be delivered when the directories are delivered in July. The original corporate logo was designed by Marilyn McNab, long time lake resident, LWA member, and officer. In subsequent years, the logo evolved to its current iteration and is now found on shirts, printed materials, and signs. The logo continues to be a proud symbol of the Lake Wentworth Association.

We would appreciate your prompt response to this membership request so we can get the 2016 LWA Directory into production. Thank you in advance. In addition, please consider carefully how you can volunteer and serve the LWA and then step forward to express this interest. I assure you that we will respond to all of you who volunteer.

For more news and articles be sure to check out, the Zephyr, Facebook, and

Bob Spear

President, Lake Wentworth Association