A Christmas Ice Event and Now It Is A New Year

The lake is now frozen again with around 2 inches of ice, not enough to go out on and feel confident that you won’t take a very cold swim. If it gets thicker and safe, there are large sections of smooth ice and skating might be good but there is snow and then rain coming over the weekend. Ugh…..  However, the “Ice Event” on Christmas Day was quite amazing. It rained on Christmas Eve and then on some on Christmas Morning. A total of about an inch and a half. It got to around 50 degrees on Christmas but then the wind changed and it started to cool to around 40 degrees. But on the east end of the lake, the wind produced a fantastic ice event. I have been around the lake for a number of years and seen the ice pushed up on shore but this time, I caught it in the act of doing it. The ice was an inch or so thick over the entire lake and there were some neat patterns, polka dots, on the lake after a little bit of snow fell and then water came up through small cracks.  IMG_6840

The rain at night melted the snow so the ice was “clear”. When the wind started blowing, the ice started moving. First, there was a break between Sunset Point and Cate Island and it started to move, later other blocks of ice started moving. In the picture, below, you can see the open water and then an area where the ice started to move.IMG_5372

When the ice started to move, it pushed layers up onto the shore. In the picture, below, you can see one layer of ice on the other layer. The motion was at about a foot or two every minute but it just kept pushing.IMG_5364

There were places where the ice wasn’t pushing as fast so there were clear places and others where the ice was piled up. IMG_5412

On shore, the ice slabs formed piles with some pieces moving up and over the pile and sliding to the sand with other pieces falling back into the water. There was the constant rustling of ice cubes…….IMG_5406

Some of the piles grew quite tall as the ice was pushed up on the sand.IMG_5408

If you are a cocktail drinker, you would have had enough ice cubes for a long hot summer, sad that they will all melt before spring.IMG_5418

Looking down the beach, the piles of ice cubes were quite amazing. The motion of the ice would stop at times because the wind died but would then restart the process.IMG_5378

The ice cubes really weren’t cubes but more like slabs of ice. I guess that sometimes, you get lucky and see neat things at the lake. Others have probably seen much more dramatic “ice flows” but this was the first time I saw it happen. One amusing part was the buoys at the west end of the channel between Brummitt Island and Point of Pines. They would get pushed down as the ice pushed on them and then rise up breaking the ice.


  1. gosbeej@msn.com

    These photos are wonderful! Makes me want to scoop up some of that ice and make a cocktail! Happy New Year, Peter. Your photos are fabulous.

  2. dwr13

    Peter, thanks for sharing your pictures and reporting on the lake’s transition from season to season. We miss the lake, but enjoy watching from a distance. Dan Ross

  3. 3pmdgsr

    Happy New Year Peter G, Thanks so much for sharing this event with us – I’ve never seen it happen- the pictures are fabulous to see! Pattie Coppins

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