A Changed Lake in the Last Three Weeks

The lake is looking like early Spring. No leaves, not even many green shoots of plants even though it has been warm. But there are things going on. At the same time, the warm weather in March hasn’t really seemed to carry over into April. There is now a coating of snow on the lawns and high temperatures will be in the 30’s for a few days. It also is a period of “unsettled weather patterns” according the weather forecasters so it is and will be a bit gray for awhile. Chocorua doesn’t seem to have any snow but it looks a little chilly.IMG_1678

There are people other than humans walking the beach as shown by this footprint on the sand.IMG_1674

But perhaps nicer to look at are the birds that are now flying. Hugh Crawford has reported hearing a loon but some may not believe that the ice is out so they will wait a few more days. The Common Mergansers are here and I saw one pair together but there were also three males flying together. Might be a bachelor party or they might just be cruising the lake looking for ladies. They are very good looking birds…… It will get warmer and Summer will arrive, sooner or later.