Winter Thoughts and Keeping Our Lake Healthy

Snow is falling so the lake will be frozen soon, fishing through the ice will be the norm, not fishing from boats. But as we think about next summer, we need to keep thinking how to keep our lake in good health.

One of the health dangers for our lake is erosion of dirt and gravel into the lake. The issue is phosphate that enters the lake with the eroded material and phosphate encourages the growth of algae. Last summer, there was another bloom of blue-green algae. The species doesn’t seem to be especially bad for water quality but it is at least a nuisance. Continue reading

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Lake Still Being Used

It is getting colder and “mixed” precipitation is forecast. I probably have had my last boating trip and my last two were a bit cold….. Gloves and a wool had as well as a warm coat and “worn” life jacket were needed to keep me warm. The lake, however, has been “in use” recently, even in the cold. Continue reading

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Some Interesting Links for Your Reading Pleasure

Below, I have put some links to interesting articles related to our lake and other lakes. Continue reading

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LWF Takes Molly the Trolley to See How We Can Protect the Lake

Columbus day brought 32 interested people for an inaugural tour of three sites in the Lake Wentworth watershed displaying problems and/or solutions for erosion and runoff management of our lake. Continue reading

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Google Earth View of Lake Wentworth

If you like neat pictures of our lake, try Google Earth. The most recent one was taken about when the ice was going out. Continue reading

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Loons on the Lake – They Grow

We had a pair of loons produce two chicks. They nested in a swamp near Point of Pines and avoided predation of their nest and were good parents. The two chicks may help keep loons in NH.

The loon pair nested late, in June, and their chicks hatched in July. This seems to be the norm, according to the Loon Center, for bigger lakes. This may be because the bigger lakes freeze later so the chicks can fly before the lake freezes. Continue reading

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Birds Are Traveling……

As we have the seasons change, some birds are passing through on their way south. One bird that I have never seen on the lake, a Black Tern, showed up off our dock. You might see others passing through….. Continue reading

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Dam Management Will Help Back Bay Milfoil Treatment

The Crescent Lake dam is currently open about halfway in order to bring water levels in Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake down about six to eight inches. The town is going to treat Back Bay with a chemical to kill the existing milfoil. Lowering the lake will provide a buffer against any sudden jump in lake levels that might be caused by weather in the second week of September. Too much water flowing into Back Bay could cause the milfoil treatment to be ineffective. Continue reading

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Blue-Green Algae Is Back

Again, many people reported seeing lots of “little green dots” in the water this summer. Yes, it is a Blue-Green Algae but it also seems to be a relatively benign kind. Was here last summer in large numbers and for the past 4 or 5 in smaller numbers. Continue reading

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Holy Toledo – Hope It Doesn’t Happen Here

We can only hope that the woes of Toledo don’t occur on our lake – but we have to be careful. Everyone in the watershed needs to be! Continue reading

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