Birds Are Traveling……

As we have the seasons change, some birds are passing through on their way south. One bird that I have never seen on the lake, a Black Tern, showed up off our dock. You might see others passing through….. Continue reading

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Dam Management Will Help Back Bay Milfoil Treatment

The Crescent Lake dam is currently open about halfway in order to bring water levels in Lake Wentworth and Crescent Lake down about six to eight inches. The town is going to treat Back Bay with a chemical to kill the existing milfoil. Lowering the lake will provide a buffer against any sudden jump in lake levels that might be caused by weather in the second week of September. Too much water flowing into Back Bay could cause the milfoil treatment to be ineffective. Continue reading

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Blue-Green Algae Is Back

Again, many people reported seeing lots of “little green dots” in the water this summer. Yes, it is a Blue-Green Algae but it also seems to be a relatively benign kind. Was here last summer in large numbers and for the past 4 or 5 in smaller numbers. Continue reading

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Holy Toledo – Hope It Doesn’t Happen Here

We can only hope that the woes of Toledo don’t occur on our lake – but we have to be careful. Everyone in the watershed needs to be! Continue reading

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Wentworth/Crescent water quality reports now available

The Lake Wentworth Association has been partnering with the University of New Hampshire’s Lakes Lay Monitoring Program since 1984. While each year’s testing results in a full report on the testing results, until now those documents have been hard to come by.

Now, however, an almost complete set of those reports is now available on the LWA web site. The handful of missing reports is expected to be published this winter.

The reports provide not only a snapshot of each year’s testing but information about trends in water quality.

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Stamp Act Field Trip Tuesday July 29th and Be Careful of Loon Chicks

Stamp Act Island Field Trip:   The Nature Conservancy will lead a field trip on Stamp Act Island at 10:00 am on Tuesday, July 29 2014, leaving from the North Beach.  Walk the island with someone who knows the flora and fauna. Two loon chicks are swimming and CANNOT dive yet. Don’t run them over. Continue reading

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Lake Wentworth Association and Lake Wentworth Foundation Dinner Thurs. Aug. 28th

The 4th annual camp dinner will be held on Thursday, August 28 at Camp Bernadette beginning at 5:00. As in the past the dinner will feature an assortment of hors d’oeuvres including Wolfecatch shrimp, Mill Street steak tips and chicken, tossed green and potato salads, rolls & butter….and Bailey’s make-your-own sundaes! Soft drinks and water will be provided. BYOB if you wish. Continue reading

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Eagle Update

Yes, the chicks/eaglets have left the nest. They are flying but are still being fed by the parents. With a long lens, you can “get close” without “getting close”. Here are a couple of pictures…… Continue reading

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Loon Chicks and the Lake Wentworth Foundation

Two loon chicks were hatched in a nest in the swamp near Point of Pines. They have been seen on the back of the mother near Governor’s Rocks. BE CAREFUL as you drive your boat, watch out for loons! Also, Karen Burnett-Kurie, the new Executive Director of the Lake Wentworth Foundation spoke at the July 12 LWA meeting. We need to get to know this “sister” organization because they provide funding to protect our lake with the purchase of sensitive properties and studies of our watershed. Continue reading

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Loons – Look for Them, Count Them and Avoid Them

Our loons are important and their big day is on July 19, 2014, 8-9 am as  the Loon Preservation Committee will be conducting the annual Loon Census. You can help with the census. Also, please be on the look out for loons as the babies can’t dive for a few weeks.  Continue reading

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